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Reporting Loss of Passport

Updated:2016-01-12  CLOSE

. Report  to the related Public  Security  organ or local police  station  where the passport was lost.

II. Declare  the loss of your  passport to the Chengdu Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administrative Office, and submit the following  materials / documents.

1. Document  of reporting loss  issued  by the local police  station  where the passport was lost.

2. Letter of employment or invitation  from the relevant employment organization or travel agency.

3. Copy  of the lost passport or other foreign certificates that can prove your identity (i.e. ID card, driver's license, social insurance card etc.).

4. Proof  of accommodation in Chengdu,  such  as room  card  of  hotel,  or accommodation registration form from the local police station where you reside.

5. A recently  taken  2-inch  photo  showing  the full  facial features  of  the applicant and without  any extraneous objects or obstructions.

III.  Be sure to receive  the new  passport or travel document  at your  embassy or consulate  in China  within 30 days  of  reporting  the loss  and  a  Chinese visa  should  be applied immediately  at the relevant  Public  Security  Bureau.

Those  who  do not receive  the new  passport and report to the Public  Security Bureau will be considered illegal residents and punishable by law. IV. Inquiry Hotlines: 028-86407074.