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Introduction of the Call Center

Updated:2016-01-11  CLOSE

“96527” as the Tourism Service Hotline of Chengdu is an important part of the tourism informational public service platform of Chengdu, and an important backbone of the “Smart tourism”, as well as an important path to develop the accessibility of travel areas in Chengdu. It is an extension to the “air” service of Chengdu Tourism Information Center which provides land service, with advantages of no limitation of space and time for service delivery, and it combines the time and space of Chengdu tourism information public services, through which, the concept of “Make-service-exists-everywhere” is realized.

There are 15 hotlines with personnel service available through the Tourism Service Hotline of Chengdu, providing round the clock service, which include efficient services for local citizens and tourists on tourism information service, handling tourist complaints, emergency rescue and other tourism services.