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The Eleventh People’s Hospital of Chengdu

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The Brief Introduction of The Eleventh People’s Hospital of Chengdu

The Eleventh People’s Hospital of Chengdu (once used name of Chengdu Railway Bureau Hospital), which is managed by Health and Family planning Commission of Chengdu, is a Grade 2-A general hospital. It provides teaching, researching, prevention, rehabilitation and health care services.

The Eleventh People’s Hospital of Chengdu includes central part and city east part.  The central part and city east part are managed on ‘one license two hospitals’ policy. The jurisdictional areas include Chengdu, Chengdu-Baoji line and within 514km of Chengdu-Chongqing line.

The hospital has 363 beds, 17 Level one clinical department (e.g. internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics etc.) and 4 Level one medical technology department (e.g. radiology, laboratory etc.). Currently, the hospital has nearly 500 staff members, and more than 1/3 are In intermediate level and senior level of health technicians.
The hospital has Germany Shidaosi Stryker laparoscopy, the United States GE color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, the German Siemens multilayer CT, Japanese Olympus fiber choledochoscope and duodenoscope, plasma knife, Japanese Olympus automatic biochemical analyzer, Germany Roche electrochemical luminous immunity analyzer, Philip C arm X ray machine and other advanced medical equipment.

Department of nephrology is the major subject authorized by Chengdu Hospital Authority. Department of nephrology has 140 beds with double reverse osmosis water processor, 100 automatic dialyzer reuse and import hem dialysis machine. Our hospital was awarded the title of major subject from the Ministry of railways, Chengdu Railway Bureau, and awarded the "medicine nephropathy branch of love without borders" plaque from Sichuan Province in 2008. The amount of health resources and services has increased to satisfy the people's demand for medical services. Renal Department of internal medicine blood purification has gained popularity in the province and is one of the largest hospitals in Chengdu. It has more than five thousands patients yearly from Sichuan, Guiyang, Chongqing, Hubei. It provides effective treatment for acute or chronic renal failure and drug poisoning. Also, treatment for hem dialysis, hem filtration, hem dialysis and reinfusion of as cites, hem perfusion are carried out as well. The department has thousands cases of central venous catheter and arteriovenous fistula operation and is capable of complex, high multiple fistula, antilogous transplantation of vascular fistula, and establishment of internal jugular vein catheter operation polyester.

As public hospital, the hospital comprehensively promote "benefit people's livelihood, and promote development". We provide the best services and carry out the "Card", "Star", "Whispering Gallery" service, reception, President of financial housekeeper, "warm card", for the convenience of mobile medical, medical, health promotion, volunteer post service.


Zip Code:610081

Address:No.349-3 North 2nd Ring Road 3rd Section (outpatient); No.365-3 North 2nd Ring Road 3rd Section(central); No. 247 Zhiqiang Road, Chenghua District (city east).
Traffic routes:Take the Metro Line 1 Or Bus(K1、K2、NO.2、NO.9、NO.27、NO.34、NO.52、NO.50、NO.36、NO.51、NO.54、NO.55、NO.65、NO.69、NO.80、NO.98、NO.108、NO.123、NO.269、NO.298、NO.802 etc.)to North train station bus stop and walk towards the east for 500 meters.