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Chengdu Sichuan Opera Center

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As China’s first comprehensive cultural and recreational center named after Sichuan Opera, Chengdu Sichuan Opera Center provides performance of Sichuan Opera plays. It was formerly the famous Jinjiang Theater and before that Yuelai Teahouse, a well-known teahouse since the late Qing Dynasty, when Sanqinghui Opera Society used it to stage performance, hence the name “The Nest of Sichuan Opera”. After the founding of People’s Republic of China, Yuelai Teahouse was renovated and renamed Jianjiang Theater, taking the word “Jinjiang” (a beautiful river) from a poem of Du Fu, the famous Tang poet.

The 8th Session of the 8th Chengdu CPC Committee made a decision to pull down the century-old Jinjiang Theater. In its place started a new building project, designed by Sichuan Provincial Architectural Design and Research Institute and constructed by Chengdu Construction and Engineering Cooperation. The construction of this multifunctional and recreational facility began in December, 1997 and was completed 5 years later in the downtown area, next to Chunxi Road, on December 28th, 2001. With a total investment of 62 million RMB, this building covers an area of 12,715 m2, representing a combination of local building styles and the ideas of modern architecture.

The Chengdu Sichuan Opera Center boasts a traditional Chinese style in its layout. It is well designed, exquisitely decorated by paintings and calligraphy works of famous artists. Surrounded by trees and with flowers in blossom all the year round, the new Opera Center enjoys a perfect environment. Pools, streams and bridges outside the building help make it a beautiful place.

The Opera Center consists of Jinjiang Theater, Yuelai Teahouse, a Sichuan-Cuisine restaurant, a multifunction hall for rehearsal and conference, a comprehensive service building, a Sichuan Opera square and an underground parking lot.

Jinjiang Theater, featuring typical Sichuan Operatic culture, is a high level theater for various kinds of performances. On one wall of the hall is a huge Nanmu tree relief of A Tale of the White Snake. The lights in the theater are designed with Sichuan Opera facial mask painting. The Hall is equipped with advanced facilities, with a stage wagon controlled by computer, an orchestra lift, a lift stage, a digital character generator, high-end stereo equipment and central air-conditioning. There are 607 comfortable seats, designed to provide the best audiovisual effects. The overall decoration is professional, demonstrating elegant artistic taste.

Chengdu Sichuan Opera Museum exhibits precious documents, photographs and other objects representing the historic development and artistic achievements of Sichuan Opera. It serves to showcase the profoundness of Chinese culture to the general public, help people to learn about, understand and appreciate Sichuan Opera, and help spread Sichuan Opera to the world outside China. The VIP room in the Museum is used to receive officials on inspection and guests visiting the arts center.

Yuelai Teahouse consists of an ordinary teahouse on the first floor and a well-decorated teahouse on the second floor. Rooms are artistically named, decorated with paintings and couplets of famous artists. On the second floor, carved artifacts decorate the walls, creating an artistic atmosphere. The original courtyard style is preserved in the teahouse. On the first floor, an ancient style stage, or wannian wuta , is built providing small scale opera shows.

Pansun Food Corner provides all kinds of special Sichuan style snacks. The store is quaint and decorated with Sichuan Opera Facial Mask Paintings. Private dining rooms are named after Sichuan Opera plays. Guests can watch Sichuan Opera plays, drink tea, enjoy delicious Sichuan food and visit the Sichuan Opera Museum.

Shuqing Hotel is elegant with a comfortable environment. It provides accommodation to 40-50 guests.

Chengdu Sichuan Opera Center welcomes friends and guests from all over the world!

Address:Chengdu, jinjiang district, 54 huaxing main street

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154  Huaxing street station

58、81、98  ChunXi Road North Station

Chengdu Sichuan Opera Center