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Chengdu Cultural Center

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Chengdu Cultural Center is a state-level cultural center located in the Huanhua Cultural & Scenic Zone of Chengdu. It is adjacent to the Museum of Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage. The center covers an area of 15,660 square meters with 6,512 square meters of floorage. 70% of the land covered with plantation, it is one of the rare gardenly cultural centers in China. 80 employees are currently working in 9 departments of the center, namely, Mass Cultural Work Department, Training Department for Literature & Art, Performance & Exhibition Activity Department, Group Guidance & Management Department, Digital Work Department, Investigation, Research & Publicity Department, Administrative Office, Finance Department and Human Resources.

Chengdu Cultural Center is a public institution for cultural welfare services. It functions as follows: 1) it provides public cultural facilities and services to the people; 2) it supervises the mass cultural activities, as well as the construction of public cultural facilities in cultural centers of inferior levels, specifically, those of districts (county-level cities), counties, communities, towns and villages; 3) it organizes various kinds of creation, performance, exhibition and communication activities for the public, and it promotes welfare programs such as “Culture for the People”, “Culture Spread to the Countryside”, etc.; 4) it guides cultural centers of inferior levels to manage mass cultural groups, and it provides artistic training to their core groups and members; 5) it supervises the operation of the nonprofit training schools of literature & art for citizens, and it instructs the nonprofit artistic training in cultural centers of inferior levels; 6) it organizes municipal cultural activities for citizens, for instance, Chengdu Seasonal Talent Show; 7) it instructs cultural activities for the public in districts and county-level cities; 8) it holds cultural lectures, for instance, Chengdu Story – Voices; 9) it instructs cultural lectures in districts and county-level cities; 10) it constructs the municipal management platform of digital service for mass culture; 11) it operates a Digital Cultural Center; 12) it coordinates the management of various databases for mass culture; 13) it organizes professional training for the staff from cultural centers of inferior levels, as well as active citizens; 14) it investigates and researches cultural activities of the city; 15) it facilitates the operation of professional organizations, such as civil cultural societies, volunteers associations, etc.


Chengdu Cultural Center is open to the public for free cultural services. Approximately it is open for 12 hours a day and receives 200,000 visitors annually. The main services include:

1. Public artistic training program: All Invited – A Date with Art;

2. Public cultural lectures: Chengdu Story – Voices;

3. Talent shows for citizens;

4. Public cultural exhibitions;

5. Artistic tutoring programs for community groups;

6. Stages for public activities and shows;

7. Distance education through the experiential platform of digital art;

8. Electronic reading, literary salons, bulletin publication;

9. Brochures and consultation service for public cultural activities;

10. Training rooms for ping pong, basketball and badminton.

The Public artistic training program “All Invited – A Date with Art” is implemented by the nonprofit Chengdu Civil Training School of Literature & Art. The program consists of various artistic training classes which start every spring and autumn. Totally 38 subjects are provided, including Piano, Guqin (Chinese Zither), Erhu (Chinese 2-string Fiddle), Dance, Singing, Mandarin, Computer Science, Dietotherapy, etc. Approximately 400 classes are provided and 15000 seats are open for free every year.


The public cultural lectures “Chengdu Story – Voices” are held at 3 p.m. every Saturday. Hundreds of scholars and professionals have been giving nearly 500 lectures here for 8 years. The lectures have become a part of many citizens’ weekend routine for amusement.

Meanwhile, citizens could learn more about these activities through the official website, wechat or blog and sign up for the programs that most interest them.

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Add: 17 Caotang Rd, Qing Yang District, Chengdu

Tel: 87339103, 87360033

Bus to the center: 35、82、58、165、170、47、19