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Jinsha Site Museum,The DNA of Chengdu Culture

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Jinsha Site Museum is a themed museum established on the original Jinsha ruins, which is an important archeological discovery of ancient Shu civilization. The museum occupies an area of 456 Chinese acres including the Site-Exhibit Hall, Exhibition Hall, Jinsha Theare, Cultural Relics Protection Centre, Tourist Information Centre and the Garden Area.

Jinsha site is the first significant archeological discovery of China in the 21st century. The site covers an area of 5 square kilometers, upon which the polis of ancient Shu kingdom were located. This kingdom, existed between the 12th century BC and the 7th century BC, was the ancient cultural hub in the upper reach area of the Yangze River. The density of ivories and the number of gold articles and jade articles excavated at Jinsha site beat those of any other archeological sites of the same period. Among all, the Sun-and-Bird Gold Foil has been announced as the Logo of Chinese Cultural Heritage and Chengdu City. The discovery of Jinsha site proves that Chengdu has an urban history of more than 3000 years, and that Jinsha civilization existed at the beginning of this history.

Jinsha Site Museum is one of the most representative venues that present ancient Shu civilization, showcasing the mysteries of this culture as well as its unique Bronze-Age civilization. As a pioneering modern museum, Jinsha Site Museum challenges traditional ways of displaying and applies innovative operational concepts, therefore lauded as the name card of Chengdu culture. In 2006, Jinsha Site Museum was announced by the State Council of China to be one of the 6th passel of National Cultural Heritage Conservation Units. Jinsha site was included on the 2016 World Heritage Tenative List along with Sanxingdui Site. In 2008, Jinsha Site Museum was announced to be a National 4A-Level Tourist Attraction. In 2010, Jinsha Site was announced to be one of the first passel of National Archeological Site Parks. In 2012, Jinsha Site Museum was become one of the National First-Level Museums.

At Jinsha, you will experience the brilliance of Chengdu history and splendor of the ancient Kingdom.

Address and Transportation:

South Entrance: No.2 Jinsha Site Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu,East Entrance: No.227 Qingyang Avenue, Qingyang District, Chengdu.The museum is located in the Northwest of Chengdu City,between the Second and the Third Ring Roads,with convenient transportation.

From the museum, you can go directly to the Shuangliu International Airport (for passenger) within the distance of about 25 km, and to the Taipingsi Airport (for military) within the distance of about 50 km.

Moreover, the museum is about 6 km from Chengdu North Railway Station and about 10 km from Chengdu South Railway Station.

The museum is close to the entrances and exits of many expressways, such as Chengdu-Chongqing, Chengdu-Mianyang, and Chengdu-Nanchong expressways. The museum is about 4km away from Chengdu-Guanxian Expressway, 5 km from Chengdu-Wenjiang-Qionglai Expressway, 9 km from Chengdu-Leshan Expressway, and 10 km from Chengdu-Mianyang Expressway.

Jinsha Site Museum is only 5 km from Chengdu downtown area, and there is convenient transportation that leads to the museum. You can take bus No.5, No.32, No.41, No.63, No.64, No.79, No.82, No.84,No.96, No.100, No.111, No.123, No.163, No.305, No.311, No.320, etc., as well as No.901 tour bus that goes directly from the Tourist Distribution Center of Chengdu to our museum.

What’s more, you can also take coaches from the Jinsha Coach Station, which has over 90 long-distance coach lines to major cities of Sichuan and most districts and counties of Chengdu. Moreover, the Jinsha Bus Station has around 10 urban lines in Chengdu. We hope that the all-round transportation can facilitate your journey.

Meanwhile, you can take the metro Line 2 to Yinpintianxia station, which is only 300 meters away from the museum.

The motor vehicle parking lots are near both south and north entrances. The 5,000-square-meter parking lot to the west of South Entrance has 115 parking stalls for cars of different sizes. The other open parking lot to the west of North Entrance is a 1,200-square-meter parking ground with 8 cart parking stalls. The northern area also has a 4,500-square-meter underground parking with 93 parking stalls. In addition, there is a VIP parking area near the South Entrance occupying 300 square meters with 9 parking stalls.

There are also three open parking grounds for non-motor vehicles. They are situated respectively to the east of South Entrance, to the south of East Entrance, and to the east of North Entrance that occupying 360 square meters in total.


Ticketing Locations:

South Entrance of Jinsha Site Museum (No.2 Jinsha Site Road)

East Entrance of Jinsha Site Museum (No.227 Qingyang Avenue)

North Entrance of Jinsha Site Museum (No.3 Jinbo Road)

Ticketing Hours:8:00-17:30

Ticket Price:80 Yuan per person

Concession Tickets:

◆Free Admission for school group visit certified by reservation documents. School student as individual pay gate ticket at half price. Free tickets for juveniles (under the age of 18) , full price tickets for parents accompanying them.

◆Visitors above 70 years old (certified by ID Card) get free admission.

The retired and disabled people can get gate ticket for free.