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Chengdu Library

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Since it was established in 1912, Chengdu Library has had a history of over one hundred years. The new building of Chengdu Library was built and was opened to the public in October, 2003. It covers 6667 square meters and has a total floor area of 20,000 square meters, which provides 1230 seats. It includes 12 departments, such as Acquisitions & Cataloging Department, Reader Service Department. The Library's collection numbers 360,000 volumes and the digital resource is up to 52TB. In 2009, the library won the Third Innovation Awards from Ministry of Culture, and also was rated as “First Class Library”.  It has been recognized not only as a national key protection unit of ancient books, but as a national reading demonstration base. It has been an advanced unit for public cultural facility management, a Chengdu branch center of National Cultural Information Resource Sharing Project. Moreover, it has been named one of the first in Chengdu to be the science popularization venue for youth as well as Chengdu off-campus model base for youth.

Our purpose is readers-first, service-oriented, commonweal and humanity. The library insists upon the idea of “innovation and branding” and provides the best quality public services to give back to society to satisfy the general public's basic cultural demands.

Traditional Service

On April 23, 2008, Chengdu Library taking all Chengdu public libraries launched free service of paper resources and digital resources, which resulted in realizing “no threshold” in a real sense to serve public culture. During the 2004 World Reading Day, Chengdu Library and another six libraries from central urban areas initiated the service network of coordinated circulation. Without geographical restrictions, card holders could load or return books in the neighborhood. The service not only is convenient to readers, but also raises efficiency of public libraries. At the end of 2014, the service will have been expanded to 21 public libraries. Chengdu Library with one main library and 73 branch libraries shapes a mode of cluster service. It services about 1,250,000 readers every year and has a book circulation of about 2,300,000.

Brand Service

Chengdu Library launched public lectures in February 2004, which has become a famous cultural brand and an important cultural event. So far, Chengdu Library has held over 1000 lectures, with topics covering government affairs, academician, China National Geography and civic moral. To stimulate citizens reading, library bulletin Joyful Reading was launched in 2012. Besides, the library strengthens propaganda work, including using Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo, recommending new books and distributing information of public lectures so as to increase the exchange with readers.


Children Reading Promotion

Besides the long-term activities such as Parents Saloon, book circulation, science popularization education and Children’s Green Internet, Chengdu Library has opened ‘Sunshine Classroom’ since March 2006, which is specifically for children and integrated with comprehensiveness, openness, informativeness, and interaction. In order to make it further, this activity has also been included in the ‘Livelihood Projects’ of local government.


Digital Library

With 89 million digital articles and copies at present, Chengdu Library provides free remote service and has been the ’24-hour free digital library’ for all readers and citizens.

Culture Sharing Project

As the Chengdu branch center of National Cultural Information Resource Sharing Project, Chengdu Library has already established one municipal branch center and 20 county-level branch centers. Service stations and public electronic reading rooms have covered the whole field of Chengdu, including all villages, towns (streets) and cultural common rooms in communities, providing network services for both urban and rural residents.


Free opening all year

Opening Time:

Summer: 9.00-21.00

Winter: 9.00-20.30

Address: Chengdu Library, No.98 Wenweng Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Bus route: 57, 109

Postcode: 610041