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Chengdu Art Academy

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Chengdu Art Academy, originally founded in 1980, is the first nationwide professional art organization established by the government and being engaged in the painting and calligraphy creation, art theory research and academic communication.

Chengdu is a famous historic and cultural city. As early as 938 A.D., Mengchang—the host of Later Shu established the first royal art academy of China in Chengdu, the palace style and the art school created by the artists with Chinese realistic painting birds and flowers on behalf of the father and son---Huangquan and Huang Jucai had profound influence on later generations. In the 1930s to 1940s, a major group of masters gathered in Chengdu to play a huge pushing function for the development of painting.

When originally established, the office location of Chengdu Art Academy was located in the cultural park; in 1983, it was moved to No. 59, Zhijishi Street. The present Chengdu Art Academy covers 2331m2; the architectural appearance is the typical quadrangle of folk house in western Sichuan in the late Qing Dynasty, the style is primitive and elegant; in June, 2007, the folk houses of Chengdu Art Academy were approved as “Sichuan Provincial Heritage Conservation Site”. In January, 2008, the protection and maintenance project for the folk houses of Chengdu Art Academy was completed.

Organization arrangement and personnel conditions

At present, the Art Academy is provided with Art Committee, Academic Committee, Office, Creation Training Department, Academic Research Department, Art Gallery (Gallery) and Art Exchange Center. There are 31 on-duty staffs, including 19 professional creators, 25 famous artists with a lofty virtue worthy of respect are employed as the consultants successively, such as: Su Baozhen, Wu Yifeng, Cen Xuegong, Zhao Yunyu and Wufan; 33 young and middle-aged artists, art critics and theorists with great achievements are employed as the guest artists; 6 artists with social and market influence are employed as the painters of Chengdu Art Academy; 40 excellent young and middle-aged artists in Chengdu region are employed as the distinguished artists of Chengdu Art Academy.

Artistic creation condition

Since established for 30 years, centering on flourishing the art creation, training the art talents and promoting the development of Chengdu’ art, treating “holding on the tradition, inheriting the culture, opening our eyes to the world and developing the personality” as the basic art principle, Chengdu Art Academy has formed the favorable academic atmosphere with “multivariate co-existence, seeking common ground while shelving differences and harmonious intergrowth”, each painting kind, various schools and all kinds of thoughts can express freely, the artists take in everything and inherit the innovation, the art creation develops healthily.

Since established, Chengdu Art Academy has successively held “Chengdu Art Academy’s Exhibition of Paintings and Calligraphy” for 20 times and various art exhibitions for more than 100 times, in addition, thousands of art works have been selected and sent to take part in various type of art exhibitions at home and abroad, over 100 persons successively has been awarded Golden Award, Silver Award, Documentary Award, Bronze Award, China Oil Painting Art Award, Huangzhou Art Award, Xu Beihong Art Award, 100 Excellent Artist Award of Nationwide Art Academy, Excellent Works Award and Masterpiece Award as well as Monaco Government Award on Monte Carlo International Modern Art Grand Exhibition and the New Artist Award of China Modern Art Biennial Exhibition in Montpellier, France. Meanwhile, Chengdu Art Academy actively develops various types of foreign cultural exchanges and hosts the visits of the artist delegation at home and abroad, art history scholars and the famous artists as well as is invited to attend the academy visit and exchange activities at home and abroad. Chengdu Art Academy not only creates a group of artists with wide influence but also unites a major group of artists in Chengdu region to become the important site of art creation and cultural art exchange in Chengdu region.

Condition for painting collection works in Chengdu Art Academy

Chengdu Art Academy highly pays attention to the collection for the painting and calligraphy art works, at present it has collected 1072 painting and calligraphy works, including 135 oil painting works, 928 traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy and other art works as well as 9 miscellaneous parts. There is no lack of great master works; their market value has approached to one hundred million. These collections not only realize the maintenance and increase in value and promote the artistic taste and influence of Chengdu Art Academy but also provide the important guarantee to develop the academic research, exchange and exhibition for Chengdu Art Academy.