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Chengdu Chronic Diseases Hospital

Updated:2014-12-27  CLOSE

Chronic diseases hospital of Chengdu is located in the Jinniu district of Tianhui Town,near the Poly park198,and is connected to Shulong road. Hospital occupies an area of over 147acres and adjacents to a forest which covers nearly thousands acres. Environment is beautiful and tastefully laid out. The air is fresh and our hospital is the most ideal place of medical rehabilitation of geriatric and chronic diseases. Hospital is the only one focus on geriatrics and chronic diseases. The municipal public hospital has excellent technology, complete equipment, beautiful environment, Warm service incorporating medical, science, education, rehabilitation, health care and life care.

Hospital currently has nearly 700 beds. Hospital has departments such as Outpatient Service Departments(one in the hospital headquarters and two outside——Poly Outpatient Service and Sanhe Outpatient Service), Cardiovascular Internal Medicine Department, Pulmonary Medicine Department, Oncology Department, Nephrology Department, Department of Rheumatology, Neurological Medicine Department, Endocrine Department, Digestive Internal Medicine Department, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine Department,Hospice care Department,ICU ,Clinical Laboratory Department, Department of Radiology, Pharmacy Department and so on. There are 300 employees including over 60 senior titles, 20 Masters. The hospital is equipped with more than 200 large and medium-sized medical and rehabilitation equipments, including Invasive and Non-invasive Ventilators,External Counterpulsation Equipment,  Central Monitoring Equipment,Blood Gas Analyzer, Dual-energy X-ray Bone Mineral Density Scanner, Digital X - ray machine, Dynamic ECG monitoring system, Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system, Full automatic biochemical analyzer, Automatic blood cell analyzer, Cervicocranial Doppler, laser therapeutic apparatus, Philips color Doppler and so on.

The unique model of diagnosis and treatment——providing medicine, nursing, rehabilitation and a full integration of services for the patient who can’t take care of themselves.

According to the demand of the society, hospital combined with its own actual situation exploring a new medical method of receiving and curing the patient who cannot take care of themselves and providing full medical, nursing and recurring service for disabled elders. This new method gave the elders a big help and wan there trust and public praise.

Characteristic specialized subject

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine

Point at cervical and lumbar disease, Senile Osteoarthritis, nervous system disease, Heart and lung disease and Senile functional disease, the department uses cinesiatrics, occupational therapy, physicotherapeutics, cognitive therapy, mental healing, traditional acupuncture, manipulation, traditional Chinese medicine fumigation techniques. Forest bath, natural negative oxygen ion therapy only in our hospital recovered and improved elders’ life quality.

Alzheimer's disease specialist

Point at high level of snile dementia prevalence rate and dability rate and low level of vsiting rate and dagnosis rate and treatment rate in our country our hospital’s neurology founded Alzheimer's disease prevention and control center. We have perfect  evaluation, diagnose and treatment perscription for senile dementia. We built perfect evaluation and therapeutic interventions for the mild cognitive impairment in senile dementia and delayed procedure from memory loss to senile dementia. We also have fall prevention measures and offer 24 hours nursing assistant accompany so that we effectively ease the family’s burden.

Hospital concept

“Support the virtue of Filial piety, ease the life of elders and implement the policy of party and the government” are aims for running the hospital and service concept. To advancing elders’ life quality by quality service , to reduce the burden of the family, to alleviate the social pressure is  The value orientation of the entire hospital staff.