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EUCCC Releases European Business in China-Business Confidence Survey 2018 in City

Updated:2018-07-11  CLOSE

On July 5, the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (EUCCC) released the European Business in China-Business Confidence Survey 2018 in Chengdu. 

Messrs. Mats Harborn, EUCCC President, and Paul Sives, EUCCC Southwest Chairman, were present at the release ceremony for the report.

The report, the European Chamber's primary annual publication, is based upon a survey which collected views on China's development of 532 European companies in China. At the ceremony, Mr. Harborn fully recognized China's progress in certain fields.

"According to the survey results, 55% of EUCCC Southwest's member companies expressed that they had benefited from the Chengdu-Europe Express Railway and Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe Railway," said Mr. Sives. He noted that these members showed more confidence than their counterparts in other parts of China in doing business in the country, not only because of the robust economic vitality of southwest China, but also because of strong government support from such cities as Chengdu.

(Author:Li Gen)