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City Promotes Tianfu Culture in Panama

Updated:2018-07-11  CLOSE

The Experience China·Chengdu Cultural Exhibition was open July 4 (local time) at the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City. 

As part of the Experience China·Sichuan Week in Central & North America, the Chengdu Cultural Exhibition highlighted the city's profound culture and civilization, as well as latest economic and social development, to enable citizens from north and central America to have a better understanding of modern China, and culturally-enriched Sichuan and Chengdu.

During the event, locals appreciated typical Chengdu intangible cultural heritages and traditional craftsmanship, including Shu Embroidery, paper-cutting, bamboo weaving and lacquer ware. Aimed to further the mutual understanding between the two peoples of China and Panama, and strengthen the cooperation between the two countries, the event attracted lots of visitors from the central American country.

Inside the Atlapa Convention Center, 16 well-designed booths were filled with about 600 pieces of intangible cultural handcrafts from Chengdu, which showed the lifestyles and folk customs of Chengdu people.

"I have been to Chengdu for 4 times. The People's Park, Jiuyan Bridge, and Chengdu cuisine... Well, everything of the city impressed me so much," said a resident from Panama City named Ricardo Alba.