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Tianfu Culture Makes a Splash in Mexico

Updated:2018-07-11  CLOSE

The Experience China·Sichuan Week in Central & North America, following its success in Panama, was staged in Mexico July 7 (local time) in Mérida.

The event features a special exhibition highlighting Sichuan's ancient Shu Civilization (about 1900 BC-400 BC), and an international seminar on the Shu Civilization and Mayan Civilization (AD 250-900). The week-long exhibition, in the form of picture and artwork show, video clips and multimedia interaction, is meant to enable Mexican citizens to know better about Chengdu, capital of Sichuan Province, as well as about the profound and fascinating Chinese civilization.

Chengdu established a friendly and cooperative relationship with Mérida in 2016. "I hope to further the ties between Mérida and Chengdu in the future, by way of more cultural events between the two cities," said a deputy mayor of Mérida during the event.