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Chengdu Municipal People’s Government:0086-028-12345

Government Affairs Service Center of Chengdu Municipal People's Government:0086-028-86917513

Chengdu Office of Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs:0086-028-61888452

Chengdu Investment Promotion Commission Toll-free inquiry call:8008 8678 88

Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce:0086-028-61883665

Chengdu Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administrative Office:0086-028-86407067

Chengdu Tourism Bureau:0086-028-96527

Chengdu Municipal Human Resource and Social Security Bureau:0086-028-61888196

Bureau of Local Tax of Chengdu City:0086-028-87774088

 Chengdu Real Estate Management Bureau:0086-028-028-86279999

 Chengdu Administration for Industry and Commerce:0086-028-86917515、0086-028-86911913

Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Film, Press and Publication:0086-028-61883833

Chengdu Municipal Economic and Informatization Commission: 0086-028-61885833

Chengdu Education Bureau:0086-028-61881713,0086-028-61881682;

Chengdu Motor Vehicle Administration:0086-028-82001010

Chengdu Public Transport Group:0086-028-85076868

Chengdu Metro:0086-028-61638000

Chengdu Taxi:0086-028-96515

1.Consulate General of the United States of America in Chengdu     call:0086-028-85583992    fax:0086-028-85583520

2. Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Chengdu     call:0086-028-85280800  fax:0086-028-85280865

3. Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Chengdu    call:0086-028-86165800    fax:0086-028-86165789

4. Consulate General of the Kingdom of Thailand in Chengdu    call:0086-028-66897861   fax:0086-028-66897863

5. Consulate of the Republic of Singapore in Chengdu    call:0086-028-86527222-6010   fax:0086-028-86528005

6. Consulate General of the Republic of France in Chengdu    call:0086-028-66666060   fax:0086-028-66666103

7.Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Chengdu     call:0086-028-85268316     fax:0086-028-85268315、0086-028-85268052

8. Consulate of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Srilanka in Chengdu    call:0086-028-66168361    fax:0086-028-66168353

9.Consulate General of Australia in Chengdu    call:0086-028-62685200      fax:0086-028-62685222

10.New Zealand Consulate General in Chengdu     call:028-61326672