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The City Opportunity List

Updated:2019-06-14  CLOSE

Now China has stepped into a new era of high-quality development. The growth rate of the new economy directly determines the dynamic structure, process and development trend of the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, directly affecting the basic situation of high-quality development. Therefore, Chengdu will take the development of new economy and the cultivation of new driving force as the key strategy of city development. Chengdu takes the lead in presenting city scene theory, striving to build diversified application scenes that are highly compatible with the development of new economy, presupposing application scenes in planning, creating application scenes in production and life and incorporate new scenes in city governance. Chengdu will promote the application scenes with market application as its core to gradually become the origin of new economic growth and industrial outbreaks, and provide applications and create demands and opportunities for the development of new economy.

To optimize the market environment, we promote industrial support and enterprise development from “giving preferential treatment” to “giving opportunity”, organically link the new economy with city development needs, and turn more city scenes into sensible, visible and accessible city opportunities through projects, indexes and lists. Chengdu proposes to issue the City Opportunity List, which is an important way of scene supply. We not only release public resources from the perspective of government, organize supply and demand information like the development and utilization of city resources, elements supply and public products and service, lead the market bodies to participate equally in the city development and high-quality economic development,promote the integration of new economy and entity economy, but also create market opportunities from the perspective of enterprises, organize common requirements for testing and promotion of new technologies and new products in enterprises, provide enterprises with the opportunity window to explore, practice, integrate and innovate the new technology, new style and new mode, and create a good ecology for the new economic development. On the base of the first batch of City Opportunity List, we take advantage of the 2019 GIEF and invite international friendly cities like Poland ·Lodz, Austria·Vienna, Hungary·Budapest, England·Wales, England·London, Israel·Tel Aviv, Switzerland·Berne, Kazakhstan·Akmola, Sri Lanka·Colombo, and brother cities like Deyang, Meishan and Ziyang to jointly issue the City Opportunity List, which we take as the bridge to connect the international friendly cities and brother cities together. We will help more excellent enterprises to find development opportunities in the economic globalization. We will strive to construct Chengdu into a world-oriented city opportunity distribution center. We will strive to build a high-level cooperation and communication ground, building a community of human destiny by the global community.

Part One The City Opportunity List for Chengdu, China

1-Demands Information of Serving Entity Economy Application Scenes
2-Demands Information of Smart City Construction Application Scenes
3-Demands Information of Scientific Innovation and Entrepreneurship Application Scenes
4-Demands Information of Human Resource Synergy Application Scenes
5-Demands Information of Consumption Upgrade Application Scenes
6-Demands Information of The Green and Low-Carbon Construction Application Scenes
7-Demands Information of Modern Supply Chain Innovation Application Scenes
8-Demands Information of Chengdu East New Area
9-Demands Information of Park City Application Scenes
10-Demands Information of World Cultural City Application Scenes
11-Demands Information of Rural Revitalization Application Scenes
12-Public Service Platform
13-Carriers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
14-Introduction Service
15-Enterprise Supply Information (Products and Services Directory)

Part Two The City Opportunity List for Deyang, China

Part Three The City Opportunity List for Meishan, China

Part Four The City Opportunity List for Ziyang, China
Part Five The City Opportunity List for Hong Kong, China
Part Six The City Opportunity List for Foreign Cities

(Source: Chengdu New Economic Development Commission)