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State-Level Development Zone

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Chengdu now has two state-level development zones, namely Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone and Chengdu Economic & Technological Development Zone. Each park has their own focuses, which cater to different requirements of the investors. The infrastructure of the development zones was constructed to meet the criteria of “ seven accesses and one leveling”, which refer to accesses to roads, rainwater discharge, sewage discharge, tap water supply, power supply, telecommunication, and gas supply, and one flattened land. Now, the two state-level development zones have become the investment places with the fastest development and most international competitiveness.

Planned Area

130 sq. km

Industrial Added

Value (2011)    

RMB 70.65 billion, up 25.2% year-on-year

Pillar Industries

Electronic information industry dominated by microelectronic technology, bio-pharmacy industry focused on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) modernization and precision machinery production characterized by advanced manufacturing techniques.

Major Investors

By the end of 2011, there were more than 29,000 various enterprises, including over 1000 foreign-invested enterprises and over 50 Fortune 500 enterprises such as Intel, Motorola, Maersk, IBM, Dell, Siemens, Philips etc.


The Southern Zone

With a planned area of 87 sq. km, it is the “New Tianfu City.”under construction, which will be” chengdu CBD and software industry town”.with modern service industry as the main body focusing on developing financial headquarters, modern business and trade, technology research and development, software outsourcing, cultural leisure, exposition logistics etc.

The Western Zone

With a planned area of 43 sq. km, it is set up as a comprehensive industrial zone for industrial agglomeration with full functions focusing on electronic information, bio-pharmaceutical and precision machinery manufacturing industries.

Chengdu Hi-tech


Bonded Area

Located in the Western Zone of Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, and with a planned area of 4.68 sq. km, it is a special customs supervision zone, with various functions such as bonded export, bonded logistics and port function, and enjoying most complete functions and preferential policies.

Chengdu Economic & Technological Development Zone

Chengdu Economic & Technological Development Zone was approved as state-level economic and technological development zone in 2000; in 2005, it was approved as a state-level industrial park for electronic components; in 2010, it was approved by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a National New Industrialization Demonstration Base of automobile industry. It is located in Longquanyi District in the eastern outskirts of Chengdu. It is a key area for the opening-up and industrial development of Chengdu, and even Sichuan. And it is also regarded as a modern manufacturing base and a new city for scientific & technological innovation and industrial restructuring. Besides, it is the main part of Comprehensive Function Zone of Chengdu's automobile industry. Chengdu Economic & Technological Development Zone, with its full strength, is building a modern industry mechanism which takes the strong modern automobile manufacturing industry as its pillar, automobile high and new technologies industry as its pilot, and modern service industry and headquarters economy as its core.

Planned Area

160 sq. km

Regional GDP (2011)

45.2 billion RMB, up 23% year-on-year

Pillar Industries

Automobile (engineering machinery)

Major Investors

364 industrial projects have been introduced accumulatively, including 30 Fortune 500 enterprises, over 40 listed companies and branches; 240 of them have been established and put into production. Important projects concerning auto (machine) production like those of FAW-Volkswagen, Sichuan FAW TOYOTA Motor (SFTM), Geely Gaoyuan, Volvo, Dayun Auto, FAW Special Auto, FAW Passenger Car, FAW Commercial Car, Ruihuate Pure Electric Automobile, Kobelco Group, Caterpillar, Push Heavy Machinery, CSRGC have gathered there; as well as over 180 automobile parts projects including those of Magna, Faway Johnson, FAWFW, Toyota Boshoku, Tianxing-Mita etc.