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Invitation Letter to Foreign and Overseas Businesspersons

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I. Applicant Qualification

Foreign  citizens (including  residents of Hong  Kong  and Macao)

II. Legal Basis

1.Notice on Notifying Simplification Visa Issuance Process(CWJMWS[2000]No.02) by Foreign Affairs Office of Sichuan Provincial People's Government;

2. Notice  on  [Printing  and Issuing  Temporary  Methods  for  Authorized Organizations Applying for Invitation of Foreign Citizens to China] by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

III. Legal Force

Invitee  shall apply  for  visas  in overseas  embassies  and  consulates  (offices)  of China,  together with  Notification  Form  of Visa  Request  from Authorized Organizations.

IV. Application Materials

1. Application  form (downloaded and printed from the website of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce);

2. Duplicate  copy of passport of invited  businessperson;

3. Business license of legal representative of inviting organization;

4. Certificate  of approval for inviting  organization or duplicate copy  of the filed registration form of foreign trade organization;

5. Documents  detailing  the operation  of inviting  organization  (e.g.  export bills, proof of completion of tax payment, contract, etc.);

6. Brief  explanation  of reasons for inviting  overseas businessperson to China;

7. Schedule  and itinerary  of invited  overseas businessperson in China

8. Letter  of guarantee stating that the payment of all expenses arising during the period when  the invited  overseas  businessperson  stay in China  shall be guaranteed,  and that the invited  organization  shall encourage  and supervise the invited overseas businessperson to abide by the laws and regulations of China  and to depart from China  in time. The letter  shall be signed by legal representative or the overseas businessperson him/herself.  Duplicate copies of the above shall be stamped with  the official  seal.

9. Proof of appointment or position of invited foreign businessperson.

V. Application Procedures

Step  1: log  in to  the  official  website  of  Chengdu  Municipal  Bureau of Commerce, download the application form for inviting overseas businesspersons to China, fill in the form  and send it to the indicated Yahoo email address.

Step 2: the applicants shall take the relevant materials and apply at the service window  of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce at the Government Affairs  Service  Center  of Chengdu,  where  the staffs will inspect the relevant materials.

Step  3: after  verifying   and  accepting  the  relevant  materials,  Chengdu Municipal  Bureau of Commerce  will issue the Invitation  Letter  to Overseas Businessperson.

VI. Time Requirement

Within 4 working  days.

VII. Standard for Administrative Charges

No charge is payable

VIII. Responsible Authority

Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce

IX. Address and Contact Information

Service  window  of Chengdu  Municipal  Bureau  of Commerce  on  the 5th Floor of Government Affairs Service Center of Chengdu Municipal people's Government.

Address: No. 2, Caoshi Street, Chengdu. Tel.: 028-86917547.