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Chengdu Tourism

Updated:2015-01-08  CLOSE

Chengdu is the homeland of the giant panda, which is reputed as a living fossil and a national treasure. It is the symbol of world peace and friendship. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is the only conservation and research center for the giant panda that is located in a metropolis. The giant panda here serves as a bridge of friendship between Chengdu and the rest of the world. Here you can have an intimate contact with these cute creatures and feel the beauty of people living in harmony with nature.

Chengdu is also the original place of ancient Shu’s culture. Jinsha Ruins and Sanxingdui Site are demonstrating the mystery, glory and charm of ancient Shu’s culture. Dujiangyan Irrigation System -Mt.Qingcheng, famous for water resources and Taoism respectively. The Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, which was built 2,000 years ago as the first irrigation works without dams in the world, is still in operation. It is regarded as the Wonder of World in the history of human’s civilization. And Qincheng Mountain, the original place of Taoism, is reputed as ‘the most tranquil place under heaven’. Besides, Chengdu has Wuhou Shrine which is famous for the culture of Three Kindom, has Dufu Cottage which is famous for its culture of poem, has Wenshu Temple which is famous for its culture of Buddhism, has Tianfu Old Town, such as Huanglongxi, Pingle, Anren, Jiezi, which are famous for folk customs.

Chengdu is the city of Gastronomy. Chengdu food is known all over the world, and boasts for its flavour of spacy. It altogether has more than 6000 dishes. Each dish has its unique feature, and 100 dishes have 100 altogether different flavors. Thus Chengdu is reputed as ‘Eat in Sichuan and Taste in Chengdu’, and has been named as the City of Gastronomy by UNESCO as the second city in the world and the first one in Asia. Chengdu is also famous for its liquor. The representatives of Sichuan liquor, such as Swellfun, Wu Liang Ye, 1573, Lang Jiu, Jian Nan Chun are the high quality liquors of China. The China International Food and Tourism Festival held every year is a huge food banquet. Tourists will carry out a travel of visiting sightseeings, tasting good food and liquor.

Chengdu tourism is distributed in city tourism zone and Longmen Mountain, Longquan Mountain tourism development zone. Chengdu, Not only has city leisure tourism product, such as Kuanzai Alley and Jinli, but also has mountain area resort tourism product, such as Xiling Snow Mountain skifield and Huashuiwan Hot Spring Town. Chengdu becomes an important tourism destination by its abundant tourism resources, variety of tourism products and overcoatability of tourism facilities. Chengdu is an important tourism destination and hub of tour dispatch in west China, from where tourists can reach Emei Mountain, one of Four Famous Buddhist Mountains in China, Leshan Giant Budda, Daocheng and Shangrila to the south; Tibet, the snow plateau, to the west; Jiuzhaigou Valley, the fairy world, to the north. With those conveniences, Chengdu becomes the key junction of world heritage travel in west China. Chengdu is an important on air door of West China. The Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is the sixth largest airport in China. Flights are available to almost every domestic key city and 30 international cities. The transportation is convenient and regional advantage is prominent.