Subway to Adopt Natural Ventilation
The construction of Chengdu Metro has set a national record to apply the natural ventilation system.
Sources from the Chengdu Metro Construction Company were quoted recently that natural ventilation technique had been introduced in the construction of subway section from the Southern Third Ring Road to the New International Exhibition and Convention Center.
Big square ventilating outlets are built every 30 meters along the subway top so as to allow fresh air from the over ground in. Results from simulation experiments show that natural ventilation suffices subway ventilation of three times per hour and fire emergency needs. In addition, supplementary ventilation equipment is installed to meet safety standards.
The use of subway natural ventilation is considered to be an ideal way to save energy and cut down costs of construction. The method has been adopted in subway construction in other countries.
To shore up safety measures, the Chengdu Metro plans to set up a special division for subway fire control and introduce latest fire-fighting vehicles and technology.
In another development, the subway construction of the Chengdu Northern Railway Station will kick off tomorrow. The total length is 158 meters with an investment of RMB73 million. The major project will be completed by May of 2008.