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CCPIT Chengdu Sub-council


China Council for Promotion of International Trade Chengdu Council (CCPIT Chengdu Sub-council), also known as China Chamber of International Commerce Chengdu Chamber of Commerce (CCOIC Chengdu Chamber), is a non-governmental organization of foreign trade and economy comprising noted public figures, enterprises, associations and special bodies in economy and trade circle of Chengdu City. 

CCPIT Chengdu Sub-council and CCOIC Chengdu Chamber of Commerce are devoted to the following: promoting foreign trade of Chengdu; utilizing foreign capital and introducing advanced technology from policies and laws, as well as enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of Chengdu and the rest of the world.

 CCPIT Chengdu Sub-council and CCOIC Chengdu Chamber have carried out omni bearing exchange with the economy and trade organizations of all the countries (regions) in the world. Tens of economic and trade missions or groups of Chendu are organized to visit various countries every year and a lot of foreign mission are invited and received.


Main Functions 

Promoting foreign trade

  1. Providing international propaganda services for the enterprises and their products with utilization of the network of international Trade Promotion Organization and Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Organizing and participating in investigation of markets at home and abroad for export-oriented enterprises' products and providing sale services for the products of enterprises of foreign countries (regions) in Chengdu.
  3. Opening up the international markets for our enterprise products and looking for agency abroad or seeking agency and opening up the markets in Chengdu for the products of overseas enterprises on commission.
  4. Introducing partner for economic and labor services
  5. Organizing various business Discussions and Product briefing for the enterprises at home and abroad; organizing Purchasing Missions or Groups of  Chengdu go to abroad and receiving the foreign ones in Chengdu.

Introducing Foreign Investment

  1. Sponsoring foreign investment symposiums and other introducing foreign investment activities in China or abroad as entrusted by provincial government or required by enterprises.
  2. Assisting enterprises to participate in various international activities of inviting foreign investment.
  3. Providing services for the project of required foreign investment.
  4. Looking for the partner of investment or cooperation management for the enterprises or projects on the commission bases.
  5. Providing credit investigation services and helping financing.
  6. Collecting various projects with inviting the foreign investment, linking up with the governmental departments.

Providing Information

  1. Setting up and expanding the information network of CCPIT Chengdu Sub-Council for collecting, classifying and distributing international economic and trade information.
  2. Carrying out the market and credit survey of enterprises for the customers as required by both from home and abroad.
  3. Sponsoring Seminar and Public Lecture in field of international economy trade and markets, providing information consulting services.
  4. Editing and publishing information materials for setting up and developing the information exchanges and cooperative relations with the counterparts at home and abroad.

Economy & Trade Communications

  1. Promoting the liaison with the economic and trade circles, the Chambers of Commerce and other organizations of all the countries in the world and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.
  2. Inviting and receiving personnel and missions and trade circles as well as technical circles of foreign countries(regions)
  3. Organizing Chengdu economic & trade and technical missions and study groups to go abroad for a visit and investigation.
  4. Signing exchange and cooperation agreements or treaties with the Trade Promoting Organizations and Chambers of commerce of foreign countries(regions), strengthening liaison with the foreign economy & trade associations and the other international economy & trade organizations.
  5. Organizing the members to attend various international conferences and activities concerning international economy and trade.

Legal Affairs Services

  1. Acting as agent for arbitration, litigation and conciliating disputes arising from foreign trade and economic matters on the commission.
  2. Signing and issuing Certificate of Origin for Chengdu's exporters, Certificate of processing and assembly and certificate of transit trade; issuing and certifying the documents of foreign trade and goods' transportation; handling consular attestation on a commission basis.
  3. Providing legal consultation relating to international economy and trade, finance, investment, technical transfer, etc. and holding the post of legal consultant of enterprises.
  4. Acting as agent of Chengdu's enterprises and individuals abroad or as agent of overseas enterprises and individuals in  Chengdu for handling trade mark registration and patent application.

Holding Exhibition

  1. Developing liaison and cooperation with the Fair Organizations of all the countries(regions) of the world; taking part in the activities, such as the World's Fair, organized by International Exhibition Bureau.
  2. Sponsoring and undertaking Chengdu Economy and Trade Exhibition in all the countries(regions) of the world, being responsible for the coordination and management work.
  3. Planning as a whole, coordinating, sponsoring and undertaking the Economy & Trade Exhibition and the Technical Exhibition in Chengdu held by all the countries (regions) of the world.
  4. Organizing Chengdu's enterprises to take part in the international exhibition activities held at home or abroad.
  5. Representing Chengdu City to hold international Economy & Trade Exhibitions and Technical Exhibitions or Fairs in all the cities of China and inviting businessmen of related enterprises at home and abroad to participate exhibitions and inviting customers to visit the Fair and have talks.

Coordinating and Linking up

  1. Linking up Chengdu's enterprises with the government and its departments and representing enterprises report and put forward proposal to the government.
  2. Guiding and coordinating works of the Branches of CCPIT Chengdu Sub-Council and CCOIC Chengdu Chamber of Commerce; organizing Branches and members to carry out business exchange.
  3. Going through various formalities of setting up representative organization in Chengdu for the enterprises and Chambers of Commerce of foreign countries(regions); being responsible for the liaison of the foreign corresponding organizations and Chambers of Commerce in Chengdu.
  4. Coordination the relevant activities of Chambers of Commerce of foreign economy & trade activities of various Associations and Chambers of Commerce of Chengdu.

Training Personnel

  1. Conducting various training courses on international trade, economic laws and regulations, intellectual property, protocol of foreign affairs, custom clearance, finance, insurance, laws, foreign languages, etc.
  2. Contacting and organizing individuals, enterprises and organizations to go abroad and accept training
  3. Receiving overseas personnel to study and accept training in Chengdu.

Investigating and Studying

  1. Investing the situation of implementing government's policies concerning foreign economy & trade and enterprises' reflections
  2. Studying international and domestic economy & trade and the tendencies of market.
  3. Carrying out investigation of the subject of economy and trade on commission of foreign and domestic customers.