cloudy with occasional shower, temperature 17-27 degrees Celsius; south wind, force 1-2 (1-20 kilometers per hour); humidity 55-90%;hour).

IURR to be Held in Xinjin Scenic Satellite City-Xinjin County Welcomes You (2014/07/17)
Ge Honglin meets with Siemens Board Member (2014/07/11)
Huang Xinchu meets with German economic and trade delegation along with Sichuan Provincial leaders (2014/07/11)
German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Chengdu gives her a profound impression (2014/07/09)
Reception for Chengdu-San Francisco direct flight and Chengdu Tourism Promotion held in San Francisco (2014/06/23)
Ge Honglin meets with Bob Every, Chairman of Australia Westfamers Group (2014/06/18)
Ge Honglin Meets with Australian Minister for Trade and Investment (2014/04/14)
Fu Yonglin Meets with Oliver Belik,the Representative of the Munich Mayor (2014/04/14)
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