cloudy with occasional shower, temperature 17-27 degrees Celsius; south wind, force 1-2 (1-20 kilometers per hour); humidity 55-90%;hour).

Huang Xinchu Meets with Lord Nathanael Ming-Yan Wei, Member of the British House of Lords (2014/04/02)
Huang Xinchu Meets with Jean-Paul Bachy, President of Champagne-ArdenneRegional Council (2014/04/01)
Ge Honglin Meets with Alberto Bradanini, Italian Ambassador to China (2014/03/27)
Yang Wei meets CEO of Meritas (2014/03/17)
GeHonglinPays Official Visits toAmbassadors of Indonesia and New Zealand to China in Beijing (2014/03/13)
Zhu Zhihong meets H.E. Mr. Michel MALHERBE, New Ambassador of Belgium to China (2014/02/25)
2014 ¡°Friendship & Cooperation¡± New Year Meeting with Consular Officers held in Chengdu (2014/02/24)
Zhu zhihong attends the Reception of Australia Day 2014 (2014/01/26)
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